Mhorrses Cattery

Me and

About myself
My name is Marina Jonsson and I have a degree in farm management. I work as a teatcher in an agriculture school, teaching the students horsemanship.

The cats
At present, my Cattery consists of eleven Norwegian Forest Cats and one European Shorthair. The NFC:s are two males, six females, two neutered females and one neutered males. The European Shorthair is a male. Please click on the The Cats button for more information about the cats. I bought my first NFC in 1989 and until now (2000) I have bred 24 litters. All my cats have the possibility of being in a big outdoor cage with three divisions. Two of the cages is provided with a little house with a convenient cat door. The European Shorthair have his own cage. Almost all my kittens are given the scientific names of flowers and animals.

My opinion about the Norwegian Forest Cat
The NFC should be a big cat with strong bone structure and a long and high body. The head should have an equilateral triangle in outline, straight profile and a well developed chin. The ears should be big and pointed and lynx tufts are desirable. Then nearly most important feature is the wild look, like a beast of prey.

When I search males for my females I always try to compensate for their weaknesses. Almost all the kittens sold become family cats and should of course be kind and easy to handle as well as at home as at a Cat Show. Therefore the most important thing for me is the temperament of the cat, then become the wild look, the size and the type.

The general look of the cat is very important. You can have a technically perfect cat with no look at all and you can have a cat with small faults but who brings to you the impression of the wild beast from the forest...

If You have any questions or if You are interested in Mhorrses Norwegian Forest Cats, please don't hesitate to contact me!